Our Daycare

Our experience has taught us to break standard 'daycare' down into different Ps&Qs support programmes. This helps your dog get the most out of their time with us and creates a balanced dog on the way.

Initially, we invite you to a free consultation so we can get to know each other and discuss expectations.

Your dog then attends a 1-2 hour assessment session, and using our unique Behaviour Screening Method we determine the best programme of support for your dog and frame the type of care package they are suited to.

We also extend our support to deliver a training programmes for groups or individual owners to cement the new behaviour improvements at home.

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Our Methodology
  • Everything we do is in the best interest of your dog. Therefore, we want to create the right environment so they can express themselves and learn their Ps&Qs while they're with us!
  • By starting with an initial assessment, and using our Behaviour Screening Report, we can determine how much support they need whilst with us!

Puppy Package
(4-18 months old)

Puppies go through several stages during their journey to adulthood. Sometimes this may mean they listen to you whole-heartedly, whereas other times they will push boundaries and suddenly become deaf to the sound of your voice!

Using our method, we encourage all puppies to book set packages with us. This way, we can ensure they are coming regularly so we can continue your training and they can learn every step of the way.

We can also give you advice with any areas you may be struggling with; whether this is lead control, teething, or leaving your pup alone for the first time!

What's included:
Icons-Pawsitive3-13 Week Session Plan
Icons-Pawsitive24/7 Support for you and your pup
Icons-PawsitivePuppy Starter Treat Pack

Socialisation Package

Does your dog lacks socialisation skills, whether they're a rescue, or just didn't get the socialisation they needed as a pup?

Our socialisation packages can help! Completely tailored to your dog's needs, our socialisation package means we can ensure they feel comfortable in the right environment to begin their socialisation journey.
This way, we can make certain that they are making steady improvements at their own pace in their interactions with dogs!

What's included:
Icons-Pawsitive3-13 Week Session Plan
Icons-Pawsitive24/7 Support for you and your dog
Icons-PawsitiveAdvice to cement improvements
All packages can be personalised to fit your dog's needs
Puppy Training
Lead Control
Social Skills
Food Control
Much more
Our Goal
We want to help you achieve a balanced, well-rounded dog.

Once we've gotten to know your dog, and given them the support they need to become the best version of themselves, they will be given a V.I.P (Very Important Pup) Daycare Pass.
With this, they can come for regular daycare!

Bear in mind, this may take some dogs 3 weeks and others 13 weeks to achieve. We do what we do with your dog's needs in mind first.
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