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Our Setting
We are a home-based dog daycare and behaviour service in Fenham, Newcastle (situated 5 minutes from the town centre). The Playhound makes the best setting for a dog staying away from their home. With two dogs of our own at home, other dogs can relax in our dog-friendly environment.

The dogs in our care have the complete run of both an indoor and outdoor area. Our indoor area includes a large toy-box open for dogs to grab their favourite play items, as well as comfortable beds and crates that are available at all times for chill-out time. Our outdoor area is a 300 square foot back garden complete with doggy ramps and a pool.

As we put the dogs at the heart of everything we do, you don't have to worry about leaving them with us as we treat them as they are our own while they are staying at The Playhound. With our unique 4 step approach to play we encourage all the dogs to share the environment in a safe and fun way.

Who are we?

With over 3 years experience, a passion for dogs and making people's lives better, our staff will provide you with the best quality of service you need.

We have specialists in both the daycare and behaviour sides of dog wellbeing, and are more than willing to offer advice in either area. We have the option to use our daycare as a tool to help your dog if that's something you may need.
We know the ins and outs of dogs. From the science of their anatomy and how their brain works, to what they love the most when playing.
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Our Unique 4 Step Approach

Dogs are social animals and are meant be in packs, so we find our visitors settle in straight away mixing and playing together in minutes by exposing them to our unique approach:

Socialise – A managed introduction to our pack at home.

Balance – We ensure dogs naturally find their own level of order within the group.

Calm – A balanced pack of dogs should always be calm together.

Play – A calm, balanced pack will play well together.

Once dogs are calm and balanced, they will play together in a pack. We make sure behaviour stays balanced in the group with easy correction techniques if needed, but dogs do this well all by themselves once they are in a naturally balanced pack.

Our experience in managing and training dogs ensures a happy, fun environment for your dog so you don’t worry about them whilst your away.

Our Promise to You

To love your dog as our own
Our main promise to you is that we will give the same love and affection that we would give to our own dogs. Your pup will be given the best care we can possibly provide. As your dog will be part of our pack here, they will be involved in everything we do and never be left alone. We love what we do and we want to express that when working with you.
To provide an exceptional level of care
While your dog is with us, whether for training or to be away from you, they will be kept safe, happy and comfortable. We promise to keep our level of care up to your standard; whatever your dog needs, we will do our best to provide. We want our service to exceed your expectations.

The Boring Stuff

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Mon - Fri: 8AM - 5PM