Dog Ps & Qs

Bring out the dog you deserve

Ps&Qs is a method we created to improve your dog's manners! We use a balanced training approach mixed with
our Daycare Plus and Personal Playhound Support (PPS) to help you get the dog you deserve!

Using our methods, we can evaluate your dog's behaviour and deliver sustained improvements in areas such as: socialisation, boundaries and limitations, lead control and recall, and much more...

Do you recognise any of this behaviour in your dog?

Jumping up
Pulling on the lead
Has a lack of recall
Struggles meeting other dogs
Is scared or anxious of objects/noises
Excessive Barking
Attention Seeking
Biting or Aggression
Lockdown Puppy?

The most important time to socialise your dog is between 4 and 12 months old. Unfortunately, lockdown has meant lots of young dogs haven’t had the chance to socialise. Your pup might exhibit aggression, fear, anxiousness or over excitement when meeting another dog or human.

First time dog owner?

Being a first time dog owner is hard work, especially if your dog is making everyday life a challenge. Having a dog should be rewarding and enjoyable. At The Playhound we want to help you achieve the best relationship you can with your dog.

Level 3: Intensive
This level is for those dogs who may be stubborn or don't learn very quickly. You may think they are a nightmare!

We are here to help...

Here, we put in extra effort to make the setting suited for your dog while they are with us. We also give you things to do at home to cement those improvements.

Our aim is to move them down a level, whilst taking all your dog's needs into consideration.
Level 2: Moderate
If your dog has some behavioural issues, but is a puppy, or can learn quickly, they may be at this level.

At this level we can challenge your dog's behaviour, ensuring they are on the right track to improvement.

We may bring in balanced dogs to correct their behaviour.
Here, we want your dog to be around other dogs that can guide your dog into acting in the right way.
Level 1: Mild
If your dog is overall well behaved aside from a few bad habits, they will be at this level.

Here, we ensure that we are focussing on your dog's improvements, while also letting them learn from the other dogs around them.

Once they have passed this level, they can be dropped down to normal daycare!
Step 1: Consultation
Initially, we invite you to a FREE consultation, where we can discuss what you might be struggling with and plan together the best approach for you and your dog.

Here, you can fill out a dog behaviour evaluation form, created for us to get a better understanding of your dog's lifestyle and personality!
Step 2: Your Package
Once we have decided the best ways to support you, we will carry out your very own package. Whether this includes 1-1 sessions, online sessions or more! (Check out our Behaviour Support page for more info)

Alongside this, we carry out a full detailed report of each session we've worked on which is updated each time we see you!
Step 3: The Dog You Deserve
Finally, you will have achieved the perfect dog for you!

We offer a behaviour evaluation comparison at this stage from when they started with us, and when they finish their package! This is so you get to see that all the hard work YOU have put in, has paid off!

How can we help you?

Using our unique behaviour evaluation form, we can identify key areas of need. We then program a specific package, suited to you and your dog, to address those needs and provide feedback along the way so you will know how well your dog is improving over time.

Book in a free consultation using our form or give us a ring.

Tracking your dog's improvement in behaviour with our comprehensive review system

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