Personal Playhound Support (PPS)

At The Playhound, we offer a range of support for you and your dog. We want to ensure that you really are getting the dog you deserve and that suits your lifestyle!
Not only do we offer in person 1-1 sessions, but we also do online PPS sessions if this suits you more. This way, no matter where you are, we can always reach you!

A Balanced Approach

Our focus is building you and your dog's relationship. By using balanced training techniques, you can start implementing boundaries and limitations, whilst making your bond with your dog stronger!

We want to help you achieve the dog YOU want in your home!

Do you experience anything like this?
Pulling on the lead
Barking on walks
Struggle meeting other dogs
No Recall
Bad Manners
Any other queries!

How we can help:

Use the Get in Touch button below to contact us and then we can organise a short consultation over Zoom or in person. This is to get an understanding of your situation and the best way we can offer PPS.
We will then put together a package suited to you and your dog.

To extend our support, and as part of our methodology, we offer an initial full behaviour evaluation that helps us get to understand your dog more.

Furthermore, we will carry out a full detailed report of your dog's work whilst working with them and continue to update this each time we see you.
We add tasks to this to cement the new behaviour improvements and refresh training at home.

Your package could include any of the following:

1-1 Sessions

In person sessions, providing one-to-one, hands on support.

Online Catch Up Sessions

Personal Playhound Support meetings held over Zoom allowing us to offer support no matter where you are.

The Tools for You

Leads, treats and enrichment that is suited to your dog. Provided by us.

Group Sessions

Invitations to our group sessions that might suit you

24/7 Support

Send a message anytime and one of our staff will reply ASAP.

Daycare Plus

Access to our daycare centre if this is what your dog needs

Highly recommended- I’m absolutely delighted with the improvements I’ve seen in my puppy Myla since she has been working with Erin. Her manners have improved, she is calmer in general and more relaxed around other dogs.


Really fantastic service. My puppy’s behaviour and social skills have improved massively since attending the Ps&Qs course. The communication is fantastic, I would definitely recommend!


There are no words but a massive thank you Erin! You have truly given us a part of our life that we never though was possible- to walk our Eryn and take her on family days our without her being nervous and full of anxiety.

In just a few weeks of working with you, the transformation was nothing but unbelievable and overwhelming for us all.

With the tools you have given us in our Zoom sessions, we have been able to settle and walk Eryn which has provided us with confidence. The communication was excellent. I would highly recommend Erin and The Playhound!

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07725 209 439
Mon - Fri: 8AM - 5PM